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One of our strongest philosophies is our belief in education. Education powers our excellence and enables us to be the top-notch advocates and consultants for our clients. We are committed to continual learning in the real estate market conditions and best practices.

We also believe in the power of education for our clients and recognize its utmost importance as we guide them through the home buying and selling process. We want to ensure that our clients are knowledgeable about the overall process, the current market conditions, and the bigger picture. We do this in order to empower our clients to make the decision that is best for them in relation to their goals, needs, and financial position.


Rather than transactional agents, we serve as trusted and valued consultants to our clients. We provide thorough non-biased and educated input, so much so that we’ve advised buyers against properties and counseled sellers to wait for better market conditions. We also consult with our clients for life. This means when it’s time to renovate or move, we are there to help you consider the bigger picture.


We believe that everyone deserves the best representation. We ensure to put our clients’ best interests above everything else and are dedicated to following this through the entire real estate process.


We love our work because it enables us to foster relationships with people in our communities that ultimately power what we choose to do day in and day out. We believe in the strength of community and work hard to build roots within our client community, vendor partners, and broader community-at large. Once you join the Vesta fam, you can expect to be showered in gifts, client events, networking opportunities, & more!

Our Non-Profit Commitment

We donate a portion of our commission from each sale to one of the three non-profit organizations listed below. When you closing on the sale or purchase of your home, you decide to where we send our donation!